The Big “Four” does not reflect the number of musicians in the band but refers to the characteristic second-line beat of New Orleans music. And that’s just a little hint for what to expect. TB4Q is generally rooted in New Orleans Also The knowledge of the jazz history allowed TB4Q to draw on many elements of the music's past, from ragtime to swing and free jazz ,free-style grooves and a lot of spontaneity and you’ll get TB4Q at full speed .

“Okay, so maybe you’ve listened to ‘The Congregation Sessions’. That was what TB4Q was all about! .. sort of.. Because there is this darker, hidden, mysterious, almost postmodern–Creole side of TB4Q that was aching to find itself a way out. During live shows, people in the audience started to become aware of this inevitable new dimension to the music of the Big Four (Quintet).

And with the new album, “Sanctified” the cat is out of the bag. All original, TB4Q are finally doing their own thing all the way.. We are going to take you by the hand. We are going to go for a little walk. We are going to show you what TB4Q is REALLY about. This new album is –essentially– a closer walk with TB4Q. A walk we want to take with YOU. Paradoxically in style with the New Orleans tradition, it is ‘A Closer Walk With Thee’…”

In recent years The Big Four Quintet (a.k.a. The Big Four) played on several Jazz ,Blues and R&R stages across Europe thy even played a show for the King of Belgium.
In 2008 The Big Four Quintet released their latest album ‘The Congregation Session (TTR001) which was very well received by the international music press. For example: The American Jazz site All About Jazz wrote: “The band's The Congregation Sessions is a joy from start to finish …”OOR Magazine wrote: “A world class Killer-record”. The website Jazz and soul mentioned: “They would easily fit in on any Jazz event, Blues Festival, etc. The Big Four will be a band that will gain visibility and tons of fans in a very short time. Fantastic work.”. The album stayed in the top 10 of the OOR-Magazine/VPRO-Radio chart “De Moordlijst” for 10 weeks. Not bad considering this a pop-chart …

So Break with convention book us or join us at our gigs to bust out of your safety zone like we do … TB4Q THE BIG FOUR QUINTET

J.B. Biesmans  – Vocals, Sax
Bas Jansen  – Piano
Frank Coumans  – Drums
Bird Stevens  –
Vocals, Upright Bass
Maurice Coumans - Guitar

Postbus  1577, 4700 BN Roosendaal, Holland
Tel. 0165 - 553115    E-mail:





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