There are different ways to go about playing music and developing a repertoire. Most groups design their own musical language, thinking of a philosophy and retreating in a cold studio to write a record.

The bluesy formation Fried Bourbon chooses for a different approach. With a recognizable but unique sound Fried Bourbon mixes old and modern sounds, colours and rhythms.  This way they try to combine their love for the fifties with stylistic references to other periods and contemporary music, constantly seeking for an equilibrium between the reinterpretation of old material and the creation of exciting new songs. These songs develop their character late at night, on stage, during rehearsals or somewhere on the freeway. 

They shuffle or swing, sound warm in winter, yet refreshingly cool in the summer, sometimes tasting like coffee, sometimes like wine.

Steven Troch sings his stories of passers-by in the street, on the train or on a square. Stories full of dreams and disappointment. His suggestive lyrics, populated by strange people, are backed up by his creative harp playing. Tim Ielegems takes care of the rhythm and solo guitar. With a little bit of jazz in his back pocket and a plectrum full of blues he picks out the story’s notes, while Stefan Decoene hits the snare and Chris Forget pulls the bass-strings, providing the ideal rhythm section.

After some musician changes, Fried Bourbon has been playing and rehearsing successfully since begin 2004 in this formation. So if you’re a bit melancholic or nostalgic and you feel like you could use some nice songs, come out to see them and take a seat somewhere in between the bar and the band. Or put on their record, sit back, and perhaps mumble something nice about the group and their music.

The latest cd Boogie Blend Blues was recorded with the help of producer Roland and piano-player Gene Taylor ( Blasters, Canned Heat, Fabulous Thunderbirds ).   Fried Bourbon definitely belongs to the top of the Benelux blues scene !

P.O. Box 1577, 4700 BN Roosendaal, Holland
Tel. 0165 - 553115    E-mail:





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