Swamp is a band from the Netherlands, and it draws inspiration from the various kinds of music that come from the swamps of Louisiana (zydeco, cajun) and from Central America.

Zydeco and cajun are mostly in French/English. 
They are hybrid forms of the music brought to Louisiana by French/Canadian immigrants.
Tex-mex is based on the music of German immigrants (polka's), mixed with influences from South and Central America.

In short, this is a melting pot of all kinds of musical styles that provides the audience with a night of undiluted fun and a strong urge to dance.

The band was founded in 1996, and it looks back on an impressive list of successful gigs all over Europe at a variety of jazz, blues and country festivals, such as: the Moulin Blue Festival, the Oerol Festival , Jazzfestival Breda, Kempten, Wendelstein and the itinerant theatre festival The Parade.

These guys are real musicians who have a lot of fun to play  and present their song with a lot of enthusiasm. 
When you attend a concert of Swamp you're sure to experience a Red Hot Louisiana Night !

NEW SWAMP CD: "Mes Amis"

Tjitte Knol - Vocals, guitar, rubboard
Marius Bos - Accordeon, Vocals
Bob Philipse - Drums, Percussion
André v.d. Werf - Bass, Vocals

Tel. +31 165 - 553115    E-mail: info@genuinemusic.nl