If you're looking for the original sound of the blues, from the Robert Johnson era through to the rock `n' roll of the fifties and sixties, then The Weepers are for you.

Armed with battered suitcase full of songs and ideas, they put together a musical trip back in time, back to the simple, honest days of rock `n' roll, making the stage a deadly place for both musicians and public alike along the way.

These guys are masters of the three minute, three chord song, with a set list including numbers borrowed from Robert Johnson, T-Bone Walker, Eric Clapton, Carl Perkins, Stevie Ray Vaughn en B.B. King. But the show is not just about old classics - The Weepers also perform their own songs, written in the `blue suede shoe' style of the fifties and with full respect paid to the blues traditions.

So if you're looking for musical trip back to the roots of blues and rock `n' roll then The Weepers are the band for you!

John Burki
- vocals & guitar
Leo van der Helm - upright bass & vocals
Frido Fraterman -  drums


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