No such thing as THE TRUTH, no such thing as THE BLUES !

The Zoomatics cover the largest possible range of styles whilst giving their blues a contemporary touch, but always "keeping it real"and staying true to the original idiom that made this great music so popular.

With over 100 years of experience under their belt, Al C., Hoboken Slim, King D and Zoomatics Jerry know how to play blues with a swing.

Straight to the point original compositions, tons of humor, and "in your face" mentality, exactly is what the band shows on their album "Whereís The Sun Hanginí Out ? "

With Alís sometimes raw, sometimes subtle guitar-playing, Slimís smoke-and-coffee infused voice and down to earth harmonica, carried by the rock solid rhythm section, these musicians get pure chemistry on stage.

And, last but leastÖ.the Zoomatics are one of the best dressed blues-bands around !

As bluesman Rick Estrin once said: "people donít go out to see people who look like themselves. They want to see something specialÖ."

So, letís have a party !


Al C.
-  vocals & guitar
Hoboken Slim
- vocals & harmonica
King D.
-  bass
Zoomatic Jerry
- drums

Postbus 1577, 4700 BN Roosendaal, Holland
Tel. +31 (0)165 - 553115    E-mail:

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